July 31, 2010

我的心機 Eye Mask

Bought lots of masks sometimes back and i think i over spent on them again.
The packaging really attracts me so much that i couldn't resist and again beauty gurus were raving about how good they are.

I guess some of you might have heard of this brand "我的心機" eye masks.
They are manufacture from Taiwan and if i'm not wrong it is under the same company as "my beauty diary" .

It comes in 4 different types of treatments ~ Hydrating, Crystal Q10 firming, Wrinkle treatment and Whitening & Brightening

Crystal Hydrating Treatment Eye Mask
- Deep Sea Seaweed Bolivian Uric Acid adds moisture to your eyes, leaving your eyes hydrated all day long
- Allows easy absorption of essence and improves skin elasticity in the undereye area

Crystal Q10 firming
- Smoothens wrinkles & repairs your skin around the area of the undereye
- Contains anti-oxidants to protect your skin from everyday stress & radicals
- Protects the skin from further stress
- Hydrates your skin around the undereye
- Improves skin elasticity

Wrinkle treatment
- Reduces the formation of wrinkles & repairs skin around the undereye
- Contains anti-oxidants to protect the undereye from dust & dirt
- Protects the skin from further stress
- Stimulates the production of collagen to firm your skin around the eye
- Highly moisturising to prevent dryness

Whitening & Brightening
- Reduces pigmentation and melanin formation
- Reduces dullness around the undereye area
- Presence of anti-oxidants to protect skin from stress & radicals
- Whitens & brightens undereye area & smoothens wrinkles


My review:
I tried the hydrating ones. Aplenty serum inside and it comes in gel form instead of the usual tissue sheet masks. Usually i'll chilled the mask first as it will help to relieve puffiness and pressure in the sinuses. It sit on my eyes perfectly but seems to slide down my eye area in the first few mins, maybe too much serum on the mask. I left it on for about 20-25mins.
I guess the essence has much penetrated into my skin as the mask feel "dry" upon removal. I can't see any difference as it's my first time using it. However i can feel that my eye area doesn't look so tired.  :)
Removal of the mask is easy : simply peel off from the side. It doesn't pull or stretch my skin at all unlike other brands.
1. After cleansing, wipe it dry.
2. Apply eye mask on your eye
3. Tap the remaining essence all over your face. Do not need to rinse with water.

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