August 12, 2011

One of the best quotes by my favourite writer.

 "One who think for others has the whole world with them, 
One who don't walks alone." - D.C

Happy Weekend!


July 31, 2011


Hope you guys had a great weekend!
I managed to pull myself to write something (at least) before this week ended. :)
Ladies, what essential items usually bagged along with you when you're out? For me, i try to bring the minimal items because my bag usually weighs a ton.

Lancome Matt Finish compress powder – Best touch up powder I ever owned which doesn’t clog my pores and gives a fresh look even when use alone.Sadly, it has been delisted. 
I really hope and wish that Lancome will bring this back.

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source hand cream – keep my hands soft and supple.And i just can't break away from the unique scent that it has nested on me ever since i started using 3 years back. By the way, this is my 3rd tube. 

Anna Sui lip rouge in shade 02 – A tad greasy but it doesn't bothers me. It has a tint shade of red which helps to brighten up my look especially on work days. 

Anna Sui lip gloss in shade 603(pink) and shade 701(copper bronze) – Juicy and I think they're kind of long lasting. Also helps to brighten my tired looks and matches with any outfit of the day. 

SKII lip balm – Helps to eliminate the dryness away. 

Origin’s Peace of Mind - I was skeptical with the reviews at first and I bought this at duty free shop (just to top up my complimentary $50 vouchers).Thinking why not, since it's free.Well to ferret out, you really got to try! It's comes into handy especially in the morning when I’m having a bad headache or feeling nausea. 

So what's in your make up pouch? ;)

July 14, 2011

Firstly, pardon for the long hiatus! My time was all boxed with work, school and yes, i went away for a short vacation in Phuket, nice place, nice food and wonderful companion - with my boy. :)

Pretty enjoying every second of what i'm doing now and i just went for a short trip last week - HCMC.
Having their "pho" - flat noodles everyday and love the vietnamese wrap.
Now i know why vietnamese girls are slim, most of their dishes are either soupy noodles or served with lotsa of vegs.
Visited the war tunnel - Gu Chi tunnel, not bad but place is infiltrated with lotsa of mossies. So remember to bring along your mossies patch or spray if you heading there.
HCMC resemble BKK but filled with more traffic jams and the intersections of roads are so confusing.
I have a hard time calculating and converting the currency too and re-calling places or streets that i've just walked past.
The honking from vehicles starts from morning 7 to late at night. They will just go on and on..the reason why they honk is to warn the cyclists. There are way too many bikes on the road and streets.
And, there isn't much traffic lights around. They have but mostly situated at the far end of the road. So if you want to cross, follow the local there. haha
That's all for the trip, i will share the pic in my next post.

I'm so excited to share my new skin regime and Beauty tips with you guys too. Give me some time or rather a lot of time. =P
I'll end this post with some random pics so skip these if you're bored. =P

January 4, 2011

Short update!

Will be busy from Thursday onwards. Will try to update a product entry tomorrow, when was my last review? mm.. :Pp

Bought these today, am going ga-ga over this new Maybelline mascara, guess what?! It contain fiber which will help to lengthen your lashes when you layer them and it's waterproof. Arhhh.. :D
Anyway feel a tad weird without wearing fake lashes. heh.

And i'm loving this HADA LABO hydration serum, affordable + no irritation + makes my faces feel so supple and soft especially when i wake up the next morning. Enough said.

xoxo..back to exam notes :(

January 3, 2011

HAPPY 2-0-1-1 !

My first entry!
2010 has ended and the year passed so fast that it seemed to be yesterday that we last celebrated 2010.
Anyway be it good or bad, i've learned a lot of things.

Alright, I hope that 2011 will be a good year for everyone of us and i believe it will.

This is a rather late entry hehee- My buddy's big day on 9th Dec 2010 (Part I)
Peek-tures will do all the talking.

The sweet bride has pre-ordered these beautiful cupcakes for sisters only and have them all delivered to us personally! Love.



Dim sum day with momo and love.

I love the Dim sum at Peach Garden, only Tomson Plaza offer high tea buffet.
Last i went (around 5 months back), the food wasn't that fantastic and service was real bad.
But guess what?! This time round, the service and food quality has improve tremendously.

Not much peek-tures taken, was too hungry. heh

My favourite must have.

Till then, xoxo!