April 28, 2010

♥Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque♥

Here's my review!

I've oily skin, my pores seems quite visible too. Really hate that! I have been seeking all ways to minimize my pores. Forum ladies, magazines were raving about how this product worked wonders, so i grabbed sample from them. By the way this product is retailing at S$45.

It has a smooth texture which is in light grey colour and have a mild scent. I applied a thin layer onto my entire face after cleansing, i can feel a stinging warm sensation instantly. Maybe it's the chemical that is working hard to cleanse all the dirt in my pores. The beauty consultant at Kiehl has told me not to panic if i feeled the stinging sensation, she said that it is normal. I left it on for about 10 mins and washed it off with luke warm water.

This masque claimed to help eliminate surfaces impurities and toxics from the skin; complexion will appears more refined, fresher and visibily minimized pores after using. It contained Amazonian white clay, Oatmeal and Aloe Vera. Aside to these, it has this "key ingredients" - Bentonite. It is found in Canada and the Midwest, is a colloidal aluminum silicate clay which is often use as a suspending agent and mostly found in other skin care and cosmetic products. As it promised to absorb oil, it is often used as a facial mask to reduce shine.

After my first trial, it doesn't cause any irritation and my face doesn't feel any dryness as compared to Demalogica skin refining masque and Kose white masque. Instead i can feel that my face is much more clean, clear and softer the next morning. I can't said much on whether it help to control oil or minimizing the pores yet as i have only tried once.

*Will update again after a few months on whether this masque really help to minimize my pores and control oil.

♥I bought the masque as Tangs was having 12% rebate last week! Happy! Took samples for their daily cleanser, hope that it will be better than Demalogica cleansing milk.

Xoxo! Enjoy ur long weekend!

April 26, 2010

I ♥ Phuket

A short getaway trip with bf to Phuket, was my advance burfday trip! Weather was scorching hot and humid! We bathed almost 4 times a day, can you imagine? I used as much sunblock as possible, don't wanna get tan AGAIN! I mean yah it's sexy, healthy look but believe me tan isn't good for the skin, your skin will tend to get lots of freckles,dry and wrinkles more easily. Not only that i have seen worst cases, your pores get larger, oily skin and pimples/acnes will slowly infiltrate your face.

I fell sicked on the 2nd day, had fever and flu. He planned our itinerary that included lots of water sports. In the end we only eat eat & EAT for the 4 days. No shopping too as all the clothes are so costly and is such a huge different compare to Bangkok. Really daylight robbery! Wanted to get a short lil' dress and it costed S$48! MAD CRAZY lah!
Nevertheless I really enjoy myself and feel more relaxed now.
This is so me - I'll be very grouchy whenever i've to bid goodbye to paradise!
As i was sicked thus we didn't get to visit Phi Phi island & Khai island! BUT I will definitely go back again for all those fun water games and islands visiting!

I've uploaded all the pics in my FB,but i'll still upload a few here.
Love my fake lashes!

Pool Bar!

Love "Boots" makeup remover, i feel that it's really good and it's only S$11! I'm gonna write the review for this soon, hate it that SG have no "Boots" store.

Love this dog so much! Mad cute!

This india pancake duper Rockx!
Love this pic!
gd night peeps! I'm so tired now and my gastric is killing me. . .

April 15, 2010

Dejavu Fibre-wig eye lash event and contest

Congrats to Fr3b and Dejavu for organizing this successful event held at Citylink TCC on the 10th of April 2010. (And a special thanks to Shirleen for bringing me along.)

Introducing fresh from Dejavu’s latest product range ~ Dejavu Fibrewig Extra Long, Dejavu Lash Knockout and Dejavu Lasting Fine eyeliner. Product pamphlets and products were given out for sampling during the event, followed by an in-depth introduction with demonstrations provided by the make-up artist. After which, we had a chance to try on the product and had pictures taken for a contest.

Here's the link for the contest, Check it out !

Frankly speaking, I am not much of a fan of mascaras; as most of mascaras always claimed to be waterproof, water-resistant, giving maximum length bla bla bla; doesn't work for me at all.
Normally by end day, stains tend leave their mark under my eyes and round the corner too, making me look unglam and messy. I've tried several brands ranging from high-end cosmetics companies to mass market drugstore brands, but none made an impression.
I have rather short eye lashes due to past negligence and eyelash extension that had really damaged all my lashes.

To be honest, I was a little sceptical about the product during the introduction but after experiencing it personally, my perception changed! *Shall share the pictures below later and you guys will know why!*
I use both Dejavu Fibrewig Extra Long and Dejavu Lash Knockout to give me volumizing lashes and finished off with the Dejavu lasting fine eyeliner on the event that day.
The trick to get longer lashes while using fibrewig is to coat your lashes mid-way up for a few times. Always make sure your lashes are dry before you paint the second coat of mascara.

You ladies must be wondering what is Dejavu Lash Knockout then?

It is a volumizing mascara, providing more volume with every coat you apply; separating your lashes even if you apply layers of coat on it and most importantly it leaves no clumps at all! We were told that you can curl your lashes before you apply (as usual) or curl them aftermath, but you have to be gentle and careful if you are using the normal type of curler so that you won’t break the fibre if not you'll get uneven lashes.
I will advise you guys to curl before hand or using a heat curler after you are done with your mascara.

As for the eyeliner, it still remain the same when i reached home and trust me it doesn't smudge, doesn't comes off easily. I have oily eye lids, so all these mascaras and eyeliner cater for all my needs!
I reached home around 3am that day and guess what? No more "panda eyes" ! No under-eye stains! No smudge around the eye corners at all! Maximum love! I'm going to use this everyday from now on and clubbing for sure!

Not only that, the arduous task of removing mascara is a thing of the past! I merely remove the "fibre" and debris by just using warm water with cotton wool; it’s basically effortless and cheap. If you have accidentally brush some mascara on your face or eyes, simply use a cotton bud and dip with some warm water to remove it. Amazing isn't it?

Here's the Pics taken on event day!

Make-up artist using Lash knockout to volumize model's lashes.
Was served with drinks & desserts after the event!

Was served with drinks & desserts after the event!

So for all you ladies out there in search for that perfect mascara, this might be your glimmer of hope; if it works for me, who knows it might work for you too!

Dejavu Fibrewig Extra Long, Dejavu Lash Knockout and Dejavu Lasting Fine eyeliner will be launching on 21st May 2010!
They will be available at all Guardians, John Little, Sasa and Watsons!

I believe some of you are eager to try out this mascara now! You can actually purchase it through here before the launch date!!


April 2, 2010

Canon Powershot S90

Bought a new camera!

Love it to max, wasn't really please with my 1st camera, Nikon. Don't like the colour,don't know why it looked so greyish after taken.so boo boo~ and i'll need to tweak the colour in photoshop. Damn sian if let's say i've 100 plus photos..that's like OMFG! And finally i got this new baby love~ Canon S90. It's like a mini SLR to me as you can adjust the aperture,shutter speed and many more! Another amazing thing that i like it so much is "Nostalgic" feature, you can adjust the colour of the image you want from vivid colour to dull to black and white! It's really different as compare to other compact camera.
If you wan to invest in a good compact camera,i'll highly recommended this as compared to others. :)

My babies~

Took a few shots using S90.
Original shots without any editing, shots taken with "Nostalgic" feature. The colours chio chio right..

This shot was taken with low-light feature.