May 25, 2010

SHISEIDO Private Sales (20-21 May 2010)

It was really packed and there wasn't any room for movement. I didn't purchase any Shiseido products because i'm allergic to it. I'll get white heads around my cheeks, eeek! i hate that!

But i'm going to buy the illuminating powder from Shirleen as she bought both, i hope it doesn't cause any problem to my face.

Shall meet up with her for lunch after my exams.
In the end, i only bought Majolica Majorca and some hair care products, love the liquid eyeliners! No fuss and last whole day! Didn't managed to snap a pic of "1st sign hair loss product" for bf. He was complaining and paranoid about it. hahahaa

Total amount spent was only $55!(including the hair loss product)
I hope Estee Lauder will organise private sales too!


May 18, 2010

Hado Labo Preview Launch

Are you ladies excited?
The waiting is finally over!

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion,
the #1 Bestselling Face Lotion will be launching in Singapore in June, exclusively at Watsons only! Not only that, they are bringing in their full range products of hydrating, whitening and exfoliants too!

Inspired by traditional Japanese beauty wisdom, Hada Labo adopts the philosophy of “no more no less” in developing its products. In fulfilling the commitment of ‘PERFECT X SIMPLE’, Hada Labo took special care to remove unnecessary additives such as alcohol, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil that will burden the skin, retaining only the finest, purest and most effective essential ingredients, such as Super Hyaluronic Acid, that are beneficial to the skin to ensure maximum efficacy.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion pictured above which was introduced in Japan in 2004, is now gaining it's popularity and favouritism in other asian countries like Hongkong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Korea. Selling 1 bottle every 4 seconds in Japan!

This star product not only replenish and locks in moisture for complete hydration, it has this key ingredient: Super Hyaluronic Acid, an advanced skin hydrating ingredient that help to retain twice the moisture of Hyaluronic Acid, a common ingredient that is found mostly in other skin care products which claimed to hydrate the skin, allowing it to appear smoother and more radiant.

"Skin pH balanced" is also included in this product which is good! As it will help to balance the acid and alkali in our skin as our skin is slightly acidic: at around pH 5.5

1 gram of of Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 6 litres of water!
so i guess with "Super Hyaluronic Acid", it can hold up more!!

Illustration above explaining how Super Hyaluronic Acid benefit our skin.

I was so happy when i read "It is free of alcohol, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil. Skin pH balanced" - I have oily skin which meant that i can use this product without much worrying that it will cause irritation to my face.

Me with Shirleen


Special thanks to Vibes communications(PR agency for Rohto-Mentholatum Ltd) for inviting me to
Hada Labo Preview launch at Marina Keppel bay, level 2 in this cosy Japanese restaurant, Takumi Tokyo on 12 May!
I had a wonderful time there and get to know new faces. Media representatives, beauty journalists and fellow bloggers were invited too.
Here i am excited and thrilled as i was one of the lucky bloggers invited to experience the products first! :)



We were first guide through the induction of the Philosophy of Hada Labo by Gabriel Chu, Senior Brand Manager for Rohto-Mentholatum Singapore.

Next, we get to meet Nia Takeshi(picture below) who is the Technical Manager of the Business Development & Planning Divison in Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. He is the one who researched, studied and developed this advanced key ingredient "hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid", that is used in the current Hada Labo products. He gave us an indept and break down explaination of how the products will benefit us and gradually improve our skin in the long run.


Demonstrations were carried out by a few beautiful ladies, guiding us on how we should apply Hada Labo products. We need to gently pat and press both our plams onto our face till the lotion is fully absorbed. Well, the lotion feel like a combinaton of gel and water to me, different from my daily toner.

Demonstration carried out by these pretty ladies


Thanks to the blogger/ journalist/ media representaive who recorded this video!

This is the interesting and fun part! We get to experience the hydration test and i was so amazed after i tried the product on my hand. My hydration level before using Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion was 39.5% and after a minute, my hydration level was pumped up to 57.4%.
WOW, that's unbelievable and fast!!
Instant boost of hydration!

Instant boost of hydration !

Hada Labo hydrating full range !

We were each given Hada Labo hydrating range products(picture above) to bring home with us.
Many thanks to Rohto-Mentholatum Ltd and Vibes communication !
It's been a week since i started using the full range above, so far there's no irritation.
I'm loving it especially when i wake up the next morning, my face feels so soft and radient looking.
But I have a few tiny oil seeds floating on my cheek when i used: the lotion -> serum -> moisturing milk, maybe it's too rich for me. So for my case, i'll only apply the serum or moisturising milk after the lotion.

Some of you were asking me about the prices, Here you go!
I've included in the brochure given to me as below.

Other Hada Labo sales winner products are Arbutin Lotion (#1 Japan Whitening Lotion) and
Arbutin Milk (#1 Japan Whitening Milk).

Enjoy the clip here!



*Side note - Anyone who is keen to try this out now? You can log onto for FREE samples and more informations!

Their advertisment on Straits Times 21st May 2010 Urban, Pg 5.

May 3, 2010

Skinfood Mushroom Multi-Care BB cream


Have anyone tried this? Well this is still my favourite of all bb creams and i'm currently using my 2nd tube.

I was comtemplating whether should i buy and try when i chanced upon it because the price was quite steep.

Anyhow I shall share with you guys what so good about this.
Packaging is quite unique, using hard cardboard with gold shimmer words craved on it. They are only available in 2 shades, i don't recommand to those who are tan, both shades are quite light and more towards pink base.
It contained aloe and mushroom that helped to smooth the skin, adenosine and arbutin help to smooth fine lines and brighten up the skin. Not only that, it promised "Triple actions": Whitening, Anti-aging & Sunblock with SPF 20PA+.

It has an "indescribable" scent too; it doesn't smell like mushroom, I just can't point out what scent is that. However it's not very disturbing to me, texture feels quite thick therefore i only use a dime size amount which is suffice for my entire face. Coverage is sheer and gave a smooth finish, covering my blemish but not my eye-bag. Concealer is a must for me and I finished off by dusting some loose powder. It somehow brightened up my face aftermath. As i have oily skin, I'll still need to blot and retouch my makeup every 4 hours or so.

Downside? I guess it's the price at S$65, to me BB cream pricing at above $40 is considered quite expensive. They should come in more shades so that tan ladies can get a touch on it!