April 13, 2009


Lancome Maquiliquide Moist Perfect Forever SPF 15/PA++
S$65 for 30ml

This foundation base is quite sheer but has a really smooth texture. It suits normal skin type (especially oily skin) and coverage wise is from light to medium. I'm using shade 55 and it's slightly lighter than my skin tone as my face oxidise easily. What i love most is it really gives a very natural look. I only use it on my lazy days. I will recommend this if you are going for a natural look.

Rating : 4/5


Clinique repairwear SPF15 - Around S$65

This was a gift from my good friend! She raved about how great this foundation worked after she tried, so she got one for me as she knew that i have laughing lines around the side of my mouth. This foundation was said to smooth fines lines instantly and keep your face hydrated all day. After i tried, texture is really very creamy and thick as compared to other foundations, it's more like a concealer than foundation. I wouldn't said that it smoothed the
lines instantly but somehow helped to minimize the appearances of the lines.
I don't know why my face looked oily especially around my cheeks and forehead after 2 hours. I feeled that i looked damn dirty and messy! Maybe it just doesn't suits me, but i didn't dump it into the bin. Now I only applied it onto my laughing line areas before applying my foundation.
Don't think i'll ever purchase it again and I was told by my friend that Clinique has discontinue this product in Singapore.

Rating : 2/5


Etude House BB magic Fresh Cool Mousse
with SPF 30 / PA++

I have idea how much this cost as it was gift from my bf's sis. She got me this when she was holidaying in Korea. I was quite excited as it was my first time trying out this BB mousse. Correct me if i'm wrong, BB cream is originated from Korea and it's known as Blemish Cream too. A lot of celebrities are using it as well and now it gets so popular with the ladies around the globe. Its a skincare + foundation + sunblock in one product. It not only helps to improve skin condition but is also a good coverage foundation. As this is a mousse so i have to shake it well before dispensing it out. I have no clue what shade i'm using as it is not indicated but this is definitely the lighter shade. I have to apply and blend it quickly onto my entire face as it dried out quickly. If not it will leave patches on my face which I'd need to use a wet sponge to blend out the patches. Quite messy.

On the bright side, It has a good coverage and my face doesn't oxidise easily. I don't have to keep blotting my face every few hours. As from what i know, this product is still not available in Singapore. (It is now available in singapore,Etude house just opened in SG.)

So ladies, try this out if you are heading to Korea or get your friends to grab it for you if they're heading there!

p/s: I just found out that not all BB cream contain SPF.

Rating : 4/5


M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid with SPF 15 - S$35

I don't remembered the price but it's definitely within the range of S$35 to S$39. I am currenlty using this and using shade NC20. I believed that almost all the girls had tried this before and M.A.C has been well known for backstage make-up. To me this is a medium to buildable coverage foundation and texture is very smooth. Usually i would use a sponge and blend it nicely onto my entire face. It lasted me whole day and normally i'd would just need to use my Lancome compact powder for touch up only.

Rating : 4/5


Lancome Maquicake UV Perfect Forever with SPF 20/PA++ 
S$60(refill only)

I was told by a beauty advsior that this two-way foundation suits best for oily skin, which mean you can use it wet as well. It can absorb more sweat and face will not tend to get oily more easily. I think i have been using this foundation for about 2 years or more. It has really fine powder and feels very delicated too. It gives me a very natural look, coverage is light to medium only. After few hours, it seems like I did not apply any make-up at all.

Rating : 4/5


Do you know?

Dehydrated/dry skin people will tend to get wrinkles or lines faster as compared to people who have oily skins?

When you have oily skin(faces), it doesn't meant that your face is hydrated.
I know i should be glad that this as my face is always producing a thin layer of oil on top, but it's really annoying as every 2 hours or so i've to blot my face.

I've tried various moisturisers from Lancome. For the past few years i didn't know that cream moisturiser is not recommended for oily skin, either gel or water-based moisturiser is more suitable. I only came to know about this fact from some magazines and a beauty advisor(forgotten from which brand).
When Laneige first launched it's Gel moisturiser, i decided to give it a try.

It absorbed fast into my face and i won't feel any bit of sticky or greasy aftermath feeling. I've been using for 5 months and now i can feel that my face is more hydrated and most importantly my face is not so oily as compared when i was using a cream moisturiser.

Laneige waterbank gel moisturiser - S$54
Rating: 3.5/5

April 7, 2009

Wrinkle Lifting Serum

As i mentioned earlier that i have laughing lines around the side of my mouth. I'm really concerned about it and i hate it so much. So much that i really feel like going for some botox inject! thats if i have extra $$. I'd need to control my laughter at times, so that the lines will not be so prominent. How torturing is that?

Right now i'm introducing my current new love here, which is Estee Lauder Perfectionist [CP+]. It is a corrector for lines, wrinkles and age spots. I've using it for 3 months and it really helped to smooth/reduce the lines, well at least not so obvious anymore. I was so glad that my facialist told me that the lines are not so prominent now.

I'll only apply it in the morning, which is after my toner and before my moisturiser. I'll give this 4/5 rating.

If you guys have the same concern like me, perhaps you can give this a try.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist [CP+] - S$140

April 3, 2009

Lip and eye makeup remover

Laneige waterproof eye & lip makeup remover - S$25 for 150ml
I am always wearing waterproof mascara thus i definitely need a really good eye makeup remover. I give this a try as this product was recommended by a good friend and because of it's pink colour bottle. hahaaa It has a dual layers of oil and water, with a strong water-lily fragrance. Have to shake it well before use. It can remove mascara and heavy eye/lips makeup. No irritation to the eyes! But quite disappointing as it isn't as good as Loreal waterproof eye makeup remover. It can't really remove stubborn mascara, quite sad right! It's not cheap too! :(
Rating : 3/5

Loreal waterproof eye & lip makeup remover - S$ 8.90 for 125ml

This is still my favourite of all! It's way cheaper and help to remove all stubborn eye makeup, fragrance-free. It's safe for contact-lens wearer too!Doubt i can find another 1 that is better than this!Love! :)
Rating : 5/5

April 1, 2009

Makeup Remover

1. Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion - S$7.90 for 200ml

I have been using this for the longest time ever and this was my very first makeup remover too. It's cheap and was recommended by my mum. It contain Pro-Vitamin B5 which helps to restore, softens and smoothes your skin; Added Moisturisers to help improve skin condition; PH balanced which works in harmony with your skin. It's fragrance-free and texture is in thick creamy white. I will apply on my entire face using a cotton pad and wipe away my makeup gently, i'll repeat the steps 3 times in order to remove all the debris. No irritation at all and it's very moisturising. It suits sensitive skin as well. I strongly recommended this product !

Rating : 4/5

2. Dermalogica Precleanse - S$80 for 150ml

Price is considered quite steep for a makeup remover. I was quite disappointed with this product as i was told that it removes my makeup effortlessly and efficiently. It's colourless and fragrance-free. What it contains? Vitamin E Oil, a rich antioxidant, helps improve skin smoothness and softness; Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: is an emulsifying agent that is activated by the addition of water to release the bonded oils from the skin’s surface; Rice bran oil to deeply purify the skin, especially you had plonked sunblock and makeup onto your face. It suits all skin type especially oily skin. I applied on my entire face with this agent and use water to gently massage off the makeup. Although this cleansing oil emulsify instantly but it will not remove all traces of makeup with the first cleanse. Usually i have to cleanse my face 4 to 5 times before my face is thoroughly clean. I have to use up quite alot each time in order to ensure that all traces of makeup is remove and my face feels very greasy aftermath. I know all the ingredients contained make it a great makeup remover but it just don't make me feel happy when i am using it. Don't think i will but this again!

Rating : 2/5

3. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil - S$155 for 450ml

They have it either 150ml or 450ml. I don't quite remember how much is the 150ml cost but roughly around S$65. I personally think that the bigger bottle is more worthwhile. A lot of bloggers and even forum ladies are raving about how great this product works, so i decided to give it a try! This cleansing oil comes with a dispenser which made job much more easier when i'm removing my makeup, at least you won't get your dirty fingers stained all over the bottle and all messy. Surprisingly I only need to cleanse my face twice and it removed all my makeup including waterproof mascara off efficiently. Amazing! No greasy feeling and my skin feel soft the next morning.
Love it!

Rating: 5/5

March 31, 2009


Dermalogica Clay Cleanser - S$68 for 250ml

I have been using this cleanser for the past 2 years. I totally love this product. 250ml will last me about 6 months.As my face is oily, i was told by my facialist that i shouldn't use any products that contains foam in it. It will clogged my pores and acnes will gradually start to infiltrate my face. What Dermal Clay Cleanser contains? Bentonite and Kaolin which helps to absorb excess oil, refine pores and clear congestion. Natually astringent extracts of Sambucus, Ivy and Lemon that help to prevent breakout.It only suits Skin with excess oil production(oily skin). The texture feels very creamy and what i like about most is the smell of menthol which helpes to revitalize especially in the early morning. My face feel soft, refreshed and no greasy feeling at all.

Rating : 4.5/5

March 25, 2009


Why i started this blog? I simply love makeups so much and the main reason is because i want to share with everyone, exchange different views too. It took me quite awhile to decide that i'll go ahead with this blog, this blog will pertains mostly about beauty products.I am giving reviews and feedbacks on the products that i had tried and of course products that suits my skin type. I have sensitive and oily skin. I am not a beauty advisor nor makeup artist, i get all my knowledges from mostly magazines and trying it out on my own.

A tip for you girls!

I believe that all girls will encounter the same problem whenever they are seeking for some beauty products(be it skincare or cosmetics), like in your mind you'll be thinking "What if this product doesn't suits me, what should i do?" "What if i'm allergic to this product?" "Any exchange if the product is unsuitable for me?" "Do they provide samples?"Over here I'd give some reviews on the products and if you have decided to try. You can always pop by to any departmental stores for the sample of your desire brands but provided that they have the samples. For certain brands like Laneige, Estee Lauder they do provide samples, but for certain range of products only. I used be a Lancome fan, I don't why but basically i have tried quite a few range of their products. They do exchange your product if allergy occur.Hope that these help! :)