October 27, 2010

L’Oréal Preview Launch - "Perfect Clean" & "Youth Code"

Hi everyone,
hope you guys are doing good.

Pardon for my lack of updating, was busy with tons of things - especially my school assignments which are really driving me crazy.

Anyway back here.
Recently i attended a L’Oréal event held at Screening room, which is located at Ann Siang Hill.
This is a preview launch specially for L’Oréal new range of products "Dermo-Expertise Perfect Clean" & "Dermo-Expertise Youth Code" which will be launch in November.

Congratulation to L'Oreal for being the first Asia country to launch them.

Our scrumptious lunch! 

"Dermo-Expertise Perfect Clean"!

L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Perfect Clean which brings cleansing to a whole new level of excitement, comprises a range of customized cleanser formulated for different type of skin and comes with an innovative unprecedented cleansing tool, the Scrublet™. The Scrublet is designed and planted with 500 soft, flexible bristles to gently cleanse and scrub our skin effectively, without drying them at the same time.

L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Perfect Clean promised to deeply cleanses pores for tighter, less visible pores and velvety smooth skin.

Green: A purifying formula containing Salicylic acid to deeply purify acne- prone skin.

 Pink: A fragrance-free, gentle formula for dry and sensitive skin.

 Blue: A formula to refresh and detoxify normal to combination skin.

Yellow: A gentle scrub for every skin type to refine pores and eliminates dead skin cells for softer and more luminous skin.

The innovative design of Perfect Pore.

The Scrublet can be stick onto the wall after cleansing your face!

A consumer test was carried out by 110 women. The percentage represents the number of women who agreed with the statement

The skin is cleansed in-depth - 86%
The skin is refreshed - 97%
The skin is ultra-smooth - 90%
The skin is extra soft - 93%

L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Perfect Clean will be available exclusively at Watsons from November 2010, retailing at SGD14.90.

I will be doing a separate reviews for all, Stay tune!

Next . . .

"L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Youth Code"

This is a new range of anti-wrinkle treatment which L’Oréal Paris is proudly presenting to us after a decade of research in genetic science with an unprecedented joint research project with Saint Louis Hospital(internationally known for dermatology research) in France. They have termed their discovery as Dynamic Cosmetology, a study that ultimately helps to increase the skin's capacity for fatigue recovery and re-establish its natural code for youthfulness.

Do you know that due to the modern and hectic lifestyles we have, signs of fatigue start to appear faster and intensely. You might have overlook it but in the long run, fine lines will slowly develop into wrinkles and your dark circles would deepen, while complexion loses its radiant and face would start to sag.

By understanding how the skin reacts to aggressors has enabled L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise to formulate Youth Code to optimize gene response in older skin and induce them to produce protein at a faster rate for rejuvenated skin.
Youth Code was developed as a solution for in-dept rejuvenation to combat fatigued skin and restore its vitality regardless of its age.

Youth Code technology includes: 
  •  Patented Pro-Gen™ technology - A Biolysat, or product of fermented Bifidus bacteria which has been found to trigger Keratin 6B gene expression, body chemicals which are involved in cellular renewal and promote cell barrier function so that the skin can retain moisture and defend itself from aggression. Pro-Gen™ technology works on overall skin rejuvenation. Improvement in the barrier function is an indication of skin's capacity for recovery.
  • Adenosine - A constitutive components of DNA which has been identified as essential for cellular functioning which slows down the effects of aging by stimulating Pro-collagen to support the skin's structure and thereby reducing wrinkles.
    Youth Code comprises a range of anti-wrinkle treatment skincare products which comes in:

    •  Youth Code Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Day Cream (above pic) SGD42.90
    Youth Code Day Cream is a gene genius in a jar, giving women the radiance of well-rested skin. The luminescence non-fatigued skin with lesser wrinkles allows the woman the confidence to match her active lifestyle. This Rejuvenating Day Cream deeply smoothes, moisturises and brightens dull, tired complexions. The gel texture is created by silicone elastomers and also contains mattifying particles that leaves complexion feeling velvety soft, revealing a clearer and more luminous radiance. 

    • Youth Code Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Eye Care (above pic) SGD42.90
    The Youth Code Eye Care smoothes and reduces dark eye circles and under-eye bags, melting onto skin upon application, creating a sensation of smoothness provided partly by an active tensor ingredient. Complete with textile fibres, << soft focus >> effect powder, and coloured pigments with optical properties, the formula reduces and masks imperfections while restoring radiance to the eye area.

    • Youth Code Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Concentrate (above pic) SGD45.90
      An intensive, ultra -rapid « smoothing + tensor » effect
    The Youth Code Concentrate is an oil-in-water emulsion made from beeswax and shea butter that melts easily into skin. Particles, fibres and powders with a << soft focus >> effect provide a smooth, mattifying finish for the user. Imperfections like deep wrinkles are rehydrated and skin is smoothened for that luminous glow. 

    Youth Code will be available at Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, OG, John Little’s, BHG, Metro, Cold Storage and FairPrice Xtra and Finest from November 2010.

    I'm currently using them and i will be doing a separate reviews on them.
    So far I'm pretty happy and satisfied with it, no irritation. :)

    Here comes the exciting and fun part for you!!

    "L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Video Competition"  
    L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise will launch the much-awaited Youth Code in November 2010. Perfect for the woman who loves life, excitement and fulfillment, this genius in a jar is the ideal companion to ensure that she stays on top of the game, while maintaining the youthfulness of her skin.

    L’Oréal Paris invite anyone to participate and show what youth means to them in a short two minute video!

    •    Most Creative Entry: $10,000 cash
    •    First 100 entries will receive a L’Oreal gift hamper worth $50

    Date for submission begins November 1 and closes November 30, 2010

    Rules & Regulations:
    The video should be a maximum of two minutes long
    •    The Youth Code Day Cream must be featured in the video
    •    Entries should not exceed 20MB in size
    •    1 entry per person
    •    The contest is open to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 18 years and  above as of 1st November 2010 and who are not married, except employees of L’Oréal Singapore, sponsoring companies and their agencies, and their immediate families.
    •    All decisions made by L’Oréal Singapore in relation to this contest are final and no enquiries, appeals, verbal or written or any other correspondence will be entertained. The participants agree to accept and abide by all decisions made by L’Oréal Singapore.
    •    The video must be the original work of the participant.
    •    L’Oréal Paris Singapore reserves the right to use the videos on their Facebook fanpage as well as other online platforms.

    Your entry will be judged based on:
    •    Creativity
    •    Concept
    •    The use of the L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Day Cream and its relevance to the video content
    •    The most number of votes on Facebook

    Submit your entries to:
    Website - www.facebook.com/lorealparissingapore OR
    send a CD attention to the Dermo-Expertise Team at L’Oreal Paris Singapore, 3 Killiney Road #09-01/06,
    Winsland House 1 Singapore (239519)

    DON'T forget to include!
    •    Name of video
    •    Format of video
    •    Name on IC
    •    I/C number
    •    Birth date
    •    Home address
    •    Email address
    •    Mobile number

    Winners will be notified by an official letter by January 1, 2011

    October 10, 2010

    AQUALABEL - Moist Coat Essence

    Launched in Japan in 2006, AQUALABEL is a skincare range, specially developed by Shiseido Laboratories, for those who believe that "The lack of moisture is the root of all skin evils".

    Moist Coat Essence is a transparent concealer that prevents the visibility of pores in just 10 secs!
    Amazing isn't it? Sound too good to be true? mm.. i shall try to see whether the result speaks what they promised. Anyway my pores are quite visible too so i was thinking of giving this a try.
    It contained hyaluronic acid(my fav. ingredient), glycerin, silicic acid.

    It comes in a transparent paste form and target to conceal uneven skin surface caused by diated pores.
    The essence acts as a transparent concealer that prevent the visibility of pores and provide a smoother application and a long lasting finish.

    My review:
    *The above pic(right) - i applied a little only.
    To my surprise, YES! It helped to conceal my pores and smoothed the area i applied! Amazing! If you want to conceal it better, you can apply a bit more and you will see the differences. It allowed me to apply my foundation or bb cream smoothly without leaving any patches and it doesn't feel dehydrated too. So far so good, no irritation.

    The only thing that bothers me is that they don't come with an applicator, thus i need to use my hand to apply the paste. Don't forget to wash your fingers thoroughly before applying it. :)

    Price: S$27.90
    Pro:Concealed pores instantly. 
    Con: Without an spatula and i need to use my fingers.

    Rating: A

    October 4, 2010

    Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening mask

    As promised, here's my review after i tried.

    This was one of the products that i wanted to grab so much during their preview launch last month, it was selling like hot cakes and i was told that it was near to sold out.
    It claimed to purify our skin by removing the layer of dead skin from our face, brightened instantly after usage. Totally agree!!

    Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask contains fresh tomato and vegetable extracts. With the bright red granules of oxygen bubble, it purifies the skin and then provides a large amount of oxygen deep into the skin, instantly leaving the skin fair, smooth and delicate with an even tone.
    Tomato is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can get rid of the toxins of skin. The product is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Vitamin A and lycopene, the anti-oxidizing ingredients of tomato, are widely used in the pharmaceutical sector to help control puffiness and relieve chafing.
    Therefore, this product is suitable for sunburned skin, skin with accumulated melanin, as well as dull skin due to poor blood circulation or bad living habits.
    Credits: http://www.sasa.com/SasaWeb/eng/product/viewProductDetail.jspa?itemno=104263303001

    The mask comes in thick cream, filled with the tiny granules which seems to melt on my face after i applied. It has a nice scent, not disturbing though as i know some people might not like their skincare products to have any fragrances in it.
    I left it on for about 5 minutes and rinsed it off with water. Applied my skin care regime as usual. My face was indeed much more brightened aftermath and feeling soft the next day.

    Price: S$26.90
    Pro: nice scent, brighten and whiten face instantly, suitable for all skin types, nice packaging, affordable price.
    Con: need to use a spatula to draw out the cream or i need to dip my finger in.

    Rating : A