September 29, 2010


Gift from bf's sis.
Love this pink shade but 1 layer is too sheer.
I can't remember how many layers i have coated.

From Etude House - PK006

Stay tune for my Tony Moly Tomatox brightening mask review and I'm trying to do a vid for eye makeup. :)

September 23, 2010


Bought this from Daiso and sticked them to my D.I.Y french manicure. :)


September 20, 2010


One of the best mascara i had tried, but i'm sorry guys i bought this from bangkok. I didn't know that it turned out to be so good and i only bought 1. >.<

The brand is called "Misline" and well designed in a way that you could use it for your upper and lower lashes. I was quite skeptical at first but i was thinking why not give it a try as the sales lady told me it's their local brand and since it's nicely packaged so should be fine. I was thinking if it's crap, i will just dump it away. I think i managed to bargain it to S$12 together with other loots! hah..

I'm a fan of fake lashes but i like to lengthen my lower lashes. I used most of my mascara for my lower lashes only.

It somehow worked the same as Dejavu mascara. As my eye area is pretty oily, it works well for me. It helped to seperate my lower lashes and allowed me to paint them without any hassle. Not only that, my lashes has lenghtened with only 3 coats! It leaves no clumps and dry fast too.

If you happen to smudge it, use a wet cotton bud and it's easily removed.

Removing part is easy and fast by just using cotton pad with water.
Usually i'll use an eye-make remover to remove it. With only one swept, it's removed!

Remember to grab them if you are heading there. :D

Rating: A

Lastly pic of me! :pP

Have a good day!

September 19, 2010

Random Hauls!

Here's some of the pics!

O.P.I natural nail base coat, Seche Vite top coat and China Glaze(Pool Party)

Bought this red shimmery nail polish from Daiso! ♥

Bought this from Daiso too, to D.I.Y my own mask. Gonna try it out with my Hada Labo lotion.

Bought all these nose packs from Watsons. Ranging from $3.90 - $4.90

Canamke under eye lashes from John Little - $9.90 each. Bought them when they were having sales at 20% less.

MakeUp Forever brush cleanser, bought it from Sephora - it has a minty menthol scent.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist moisturiser for oily combination skin.

Couldn't decided which moisturiser will be good, decided to grab this after trying out their sample.
It was well-absorbed and i totally love it. I will do a seperate review on this again.


My D.I.Y nails!

These are what i used for my above D.I.Y nails.
Bought the purple glittery nail polish from The Face Shop
Forgot to take a pick of the nail art sticker which i bought from Daiso too. Hey, they have really some pretty nail art design, check them out! 

Till then, xoxo

September 17, 2010

TONY MOLY Media Preview Launch

Congratulation to TONY MOLY for opening it's first boutique in Singapore.
I was 1 of the lucky bloggers invited to attend TONY MOLY media preview launch on 14th Sept, at Marina Square coffee club.
Officially opened on 15 Sept and is located at Marina Square, #02-151!

Right, you might be wondering where's Tony Moly originated from?ah hah, it's a Korean Brand found in 2006.

Tony Moly has more than 150 shops in its home country, and has presence in nine Asian countries outside South Korea, including Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and now Singapore. So now you could waive the trouble, you doesn't need to travel to other countries or purchase them online anymore!

Not only that, the prices are all reasonable and affordable too.

This is Eugene from OLIVE consulting group, giving a brief introduction.

This is Calle, Director of Tony Moly Singapore.

I SIMPLY LOVE THEIR PACKAGING! too cute to resists. . .ok then how about the quality and goodness of the products?

They are all natural and organic products with no animal testing or specimen contents. - **Glad to hear that, as everyone know that ever since my allergy incident, my face cells seems to change and i'm very careful with the products i used. Their products also use natural ingredients such as fruits, plants and herbs.

And each season, consumers can look forward to a thematic series ranging from World Cup to Valentine’s Day to Christmas and Easter.

Ryan(below), the store manager for Tony Moly. He is showing and explaining to us the benefits of Tony Moly TomaTox Brightening Mask. I promised you will see instant result!!
*If you are keen to try out their products, pop by their shop and the friendly customer representatives will explain and do a demo of the products to you.


Told you is instant result, hehee! I tried it on the event day. The area appeared much more whitened and smoother after i left it on for 10 minutes. This is one of my favourite products. They are packaged in a tomato container, this oxygen bubble mask contains fresh tomato extracts and herbal ingredients such as sunflower seed extracts and machihyun extracts. This popular mask brightens the skin while removing bodily waste from the skin.
It is retailing at S$26.90

Key ingredients include: Sodium Hyaluronate, Xylitol, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Butylene Glycol, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sunflower Seed Oil , Tomato Fruit and Water

Next . . .

Another product that i love! I love this shimmery fine powder, personally i think this is much more easy to apply and you'll get what i mean if you compared this with iNuovi shimmery gel and is cheaper too. You simply need to use the applicator(included) and lightly tap it onto your eye lids.

This is a Triple function eye shadows palette which can be use as a eyeshadow, blusher and highlighter!

Tony Moly first boutique. Located at Marina Square, #02-151
(Next to the Central Atrium)

I was so excited when we were invited to visit their boutique first as it was not officially open on that day yet and we get to experience all the products! FUN!!

Compliment gifts from Tony Moly!

Tony Moly Star product - Intense Repair Dual Effect Sleeping Pack  which claimed to repair your skin system during your sleep. I'll do a review on a seperate post.

Here's the Promotion that Tony Moly is offering for you guys!!

Have a fun weekend!~

September 13, 2010

Bangkok Trip

Finally get to go Bangkok.
Didn't manage to shop a lot like the previous time and we stayed at sukhumvit this time.

We had lotsa of fun, thanks to love and his great friends whom accompanied me shop the entire day in platinum mall.( i guess they hate that place the most now) :P
This time round we went clubbing which i would say is really FUN! as compared to SG. The place is more lively and thai people are more friendly and nice.

I love their street food, dad always warned me not to try any street food where ever i go. But I couldn't resist when i see so many locals over there ordered. Their dishes are simple home-cooked food, delicious and love!

I'll have this whenever i visit bkk. 

Look at the contact lens. . . O.O

I'll always pop by this stall when i go chutuchak! Nothing beats this!

Cute shape - Rice!

My second time taking the boat ride, good experience.

Looked like Komodo dragon but head smaller. We got a tour guide that day for this boat ride and he told us that this "reptile" will climb into your house and steal your food! I think i'll be scare to death if i'm in the toilet.

Between the rich(above pic) and the poor(below) house. Such a huge difference.
So guys stop complaining how bad/poor your life is. . . compare your's and their.

Love this pic - the dog look so cute!

Till then, xoxo.