June 30, 2010

Hello peeps!

Finally has settled everything here,
goodbye xanga,
Welcome blogspot! my new home. . .

Why not xanga anymore? It's been giving me lotsa of headache and they are being really inflexible in lotsa of stuffs. I rather shift everything here now. .

Anyway quick updates, am really busy with school works and exams currently. . BUT. .

Do stay tune for my upcoming reviews ~ where to get simple and nice custom made accessories, Kiehl's mid-night rcovery serum and Elishacoy Premium Gold mineral BB cream ! yay excited! :D

Have a good week!

June 7, 2010


When i was writing review for Maquillage concealer,i notice this pretty babe who is the model on their site.

I don't mind cutting my hair if i'm as chio as her!

Don't know whether is true that she undergone plastic surgery, but if she does.
Awww...! Plastic surgery can really worked wonders!
Pretty or what?! LOVE!~!

♥My Favorite Concealer♥


Concealer seldom comes with UV protection..


This baby comes with it!

It comes in 3 different shades, having SPF 25 PA ++ and me love the convenience design.
Some ladies might not like it as it's a tad oily, but i personally think that it's good as it doesn't dry your skin
(eye area) in the long run.
I don't think there are lots of concealer that come with sunscreen and since most people are using it for covering their dark circles. You really need to get a good one.

I have tried a few other brands like M.A.C, STAGE, japanese drug store brands.
Trust me none is as good as this.
I usually use concealer for covering my dark circles and pimples scar.
SO it fulfilled all my needs.

I stopped using M.A.C when my friend told me that i have fine lines around my eyes! OMG!
STAGE is the worst concealer ever, i dumbed it away after using it twice.
It dried my eyes area and looked patchy after few hours.

I chanced this babylove upon reading Female or Herworld, don't remember. It was quite sometimes back.
But but.....it's not cheap, it's retailing at S$42 if i'm not wrong.