December 17, 2010

My favorite Lippie

Another short entry!
Gonna share with you guys my favorite lip colour from STAGE.

Bought it sometimes back, it looks so natural that i can match it with any outfit.
What i like most is that it is not totally nude and has a tint shade of brown in it.
Did i mention that it makes my lips smelt like Chocolate too? ;D

Applied my Etude House lip Plumper to add an extra shine!

With flash.

Have a good weekend!

December 15, 2010

Bottom Eye lashes Tutorial

I know i have not been updating but I didn't abandoned this space.. I'm back now! :D

Here's my promise to those who has been asking me about how i glue the bottom fake lashes.

Bought this from SaSa. 

I cut it into smaller pieces.


Do remember to set your eye makeup first before you glue your bottom lashes.