January 17, 2010

Random thoughts and Kose!

BORING sunday..baby is having his lecture class while i'm at home..

my right eye is swollen =(
Oppz! i still haven't collect my 2 boxes of freshkon contact lens from the optic shop. heh it's been 2 months! i have so many contact lens now..gonna try out the misty green pair soon.. =)

we are going to revamp our blogshop, so happy!
Hopefully it will be ready in march!

Need to revamp my room too,CNY is near and i really have loads of things lying around in my room.
bought new cabinet, happy happy!!

Bought this since they are having a promotion pack!
KOSE Supreme "sekkisei supreme" - $80 for refining lotion & moisturiser
It claimed to have 3X more moisturising and whitening.

*I is for normal and combinaton skin.
*II is for dry skin, it's labeled at the bottom of the packaging.

Both toner and moisturiser have a refreshing scent ! Moisturiser have very light texture and feels more like serum.
It's been 2 weeks since i used the product, my skin looked more radiant than before and my skin feel more moisturises than the my previous moisturiser (laneige waterbank gel).

Most of all my face doesn't feel oily aftermath, evenafter i plonked my makeup on. =)